Rick Brunner was born in the mid-fifties in New Orleans, Louisiana. Introduced to woodworking by his father who was an engineer and to art by his mother through her regular investigations of a variety of media, Rick grew up to discover his own talents. His passion for creating three-dimensional objects as a boy coupled with the culturally rich influences of growing up in South Louisiana led him to explore the world of fine art. After receiving his Masters degree in sculpture at the University of Notre Dame, he returned to the South and opened a studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a trained eye for sculpture and a deep appreciation for wood, Rick also learned the craft of furniture making over the next ten years. Rick has continued to create furniture and incorporate it into his professional life since then.

Sculptor Rick Brunner outside his Bush, LA studio.

Rick’s sculpture and furniture have been exhibited across the country in both regional and national level art galleries and museums for the past 35 years. His work is included in major art collections both nationally and internationally. In 1993, he moved to the rural North Shore of New Orleans and built a timber frame style studio using local trees as his material. He often refers to his studio as his “finest sculpture”. In 1997 he and his wife, an interior designer, opened Brunner Gallery in Covington, Louisiana. Their gallery has grown to become one of the most respected galleries in the region. Rick’s work is often on exhibit there which has allowed him the luxury of experimenting and expanding his art.

After 20 years the couple made a decision to close the gallery for a new direction, allowing Rick to have 100% focus on his work.

His work can be seen by appointment at his private studio or any of the galleries listed in the “Gallery Affiliation” section.